The first two following formulas include the same basis:

  • 1H30/2H of shooting
  • 10 HD images
  • The expenses (travel, accommodation, food)
    For outside of France, a supplement may be added depending on the country.

For all the formulas, it is possible to pay in several times, do not hesitate to ask me. 

Purchase of additional photos is possible. 

If you want to make your press kit, it is possible to do it by one of the following formulas, or on measure if needed!

Natural Light

Sophisticated capture of artistic performances, whether indoors or outdoors, to reflect your desired atmosphere. Perfect for distribution kits.

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Studio / Fire – LED

– Unique indoor photography with carefully orchestrated lighting.

– Or capturing mesmerizing light displays of artists using fire or LED equipment, from twilight to daylight.

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Package for one photography session of a show.

This session offers the delivery of 50 professionally edited HD photos within 15 days.

The possibility of arranging a second session is also open, depending on your needs.

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On measure

Customized photography experiences tailored to your preferences. Let’s discuss and create exactly what you envision – your desires shape our lens.

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Diffusion Dossier

In addition to capturing the magic of the circus through my lens, I also offer my design skills to customize your presentation packages. With a creative touch, I can design visually impactful presentations that reflect the unique essence of your performance. Whether for artistic portfolios, promotional materials or professional presentations, I’m committed to creating eye-catching designs that showcase your talent in a memorable way.

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