About me

About me

My name’s Camille, I’m 24, French with a touch of Italian, and I’ve been a living art photographer for 3 years. I have several passions and activities such as travelling, juggling, music, sewing, knitting, reading… to name but a few! I’m curious about everything, I love taking an interest in new activities and discovering new interests.

Photography, which I developed from a very young age and taught myself, gives me a way of looking at the world and feeding the curiosity that drives me.

I discovered the circus family and dance in the summer of 2020 thanks to some fantastic artists.

Since then, I’ve been photographing all the circus disciplines, as well as live art.

What I love about them is capturing moments, suspending movement and discovering new aspects.

I find that the personalities of each performer shine through their apparatus, their environment and their art.

We work together with the artists before the shoot to think about what they want to represent, their artistic and aesthetic visions and the final result. This allows me to remain faithful to their expectations while sublimating their being.

This is a Interview for NetJuggler (In French) : Click Here

Working also with Metlili